Friday, May 25, 2012

Wissahickon Skating Club Player Christian Ishizaki Has A Goal

Christian in his first year playing hockey with (WSC) Wissahickon Skating Club, has a goal that was from some hard work. He is a Mite level player for the season 2011-2012.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kids playing Lacrosse

The final play of the Conshy Bulldogs season 2012. Christian number 23 you did a great job.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Story

The Ishizaki blog was started for our son Christian Ishizaki, and this is the story.
He was born March 14 2003 in Philadelphia PA, his parents Nathan and Lisa Ishizaki.
Both of use played sports growing up and enjoyed almost every minute of that part of our lives, so why not have your child do the same.

Christians is an active boy that has ADD and one of the things suggested to us was to bring a lot of activity into his life so that he could burn of some energy. At the age of four we had him try Tee ball and let me say that that did not work out, all he wanted to do was to bat, not run to any base and defiantly not play out field. He played one season and both Lisa and my self were ok with that, Baseball is not his thing. Around the same time Christian had mentioned he wanted to play hockey. I remember saying that this was an expensive sport and you do not even know how to skate. Ha ha settled that.

Christian has always climbed and swung from everything so the next step was gymnastics. He did a very good job with this, although it was hard for him to wait his turn. He became a very strong young boy that could do 10 -15 pull ups and other things that required a lot of strength. In that same year he wanted to play soccer, well I will say this he started and finished just as quickly, no good for soccer. So we continued with the gymnastics.

And low and behold he asked again about playing hockey, we told him this time, that it was expensive and you can not just keep jumping into something and than quit because you do not like it any more. He started to try and play basketball, he finished the season with that and actually enjoyed it. And he was not to bad some how he made a lot of three point shots. We will try basketball again next season.

Christian also at this time started Cub Scouts and continues to do that. We missed basket ball sign ups and by the time we realized that we had missed the dead line the teams where full. Gymnastics came to a halt and I do not know the exact reason but I think kids where picking on him and saying things that most kids say. This ended sports for a while and we just did very active activities swimming, bike riding, skate boarding ext.

For Christian’s 7th birthday party we asked what he would like to do and he said “I WANT A ICE SKATING PARTY” well that is what we did. We laced up his skates and he started to skate no falling just skating, we where amazed, where did he learn this?
Christian before for the end of the party said I want to play hockey! We said ok we will look into it.

A few months later we contacted Wissahickon Skating Club (WSC) and they had a Learn to Play hockey clinic that was reasonable priced and it was 10 weeks. We told Christian and he was very excited and we went out to get or first installment of equipment. We had a long talk with hem about playing hockey and sports play, we also said we do not want to here you do not want to do this any more for ten weeks, well that never came out of his mouth, the only thing he said was “ I will play for the NHL some day” ya ok. After the 10 weeks of this clinic we became members of WSC and Christian started to play on a team Mite C team 2011-2012 seasons.
Our family put in the dedication, for him to get Ice time and practice we are always at the rink. Christian came into hockey at a level 1 skater in one year’s time he is a level five and will pass to 6 by the start of next season. We are amazed of his ability to skate and some of the thinks he can do you do not teach it is an instinct. Lisa and my self have been hockey fans for a long time and have seen a lot of hockey in our lives. It is a joy to watch your own do it. I started to video tape his games, practices just to watch later so that we could see his improvement.

One of his games that we attended we had a lunch and saw a Team play The Long Island Royals club coached by Pat Lafontaine we watched a player and was amazed by how good he was, when I got home I looked this up and could not find any videos on this kid that will be in the NHL most likely in 2013-2014. This is when I decided to start posting all our videos on the internet. If for any other reason than so Christian can show his kids some day look what I was doing as he grows up. And this is what it takes.

This is the  Ishizaki  channel and this is the crazy fact about most of us, we find something we love to do and make it work , you put the time and dedication with all your heart and those dreams just may happen, I have all the time in the world and this is what our channel is about-